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National Geographic Adventures Adrenaline Award : François Bon Adventurer of the Year !

15 January 2009

In november 2008, I was back from an expedition in Himalaya, the goal was the south col of monut Everest. These 7 weeks spent in high altitude were ‘animated’… Conditions were very difficult and the ascent finished under an avalanche.

Enjoying the sweetness of my hôme after my ‘repatriation’, I have been contacted by the national Geopgraphic Society, inviting me to participate the National Geographic Adventurers of the Year Awards in Washington. Meet there on the 20th of november. I spent more time in the plane than in this ‘symbolic’ and ‘geographic’ city.. Particular ambient, in addition of the jetlag. I had the pleasure to speak with other adventurers who came at the ceremony.

I met there Pemba, a Sherpa who was there to be awarded for his heroism on K2 during august the same year, saving life to alpinists after avalanche. I thought back to the Sherpas who helped me to go down to basecamp with my broken knee. Thanks to them…

This simple man was ‘swimming’ between the pride to be awarded and the humility about the facts that brought him there.

I received the ‘Adrenaline’ Award for my descent of the south face of Mount Aconcagua, and other wild descents. I was very happy of course, after my failure in Nepal, geting back some positive, but my admiration was going to him and his ‘cousins’… When I speedride down a mountain, I count only on myself. But for the ascent, these men are the pillars of surviving, extraordinary strong, enduring, in face of untameable elements…

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