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Picture Organic Clothing : unbelievable!

16 December 2009

It was hard for me to be involved in a new clothing story. I wasn’t attract by anybody, always the same clothes, the same shape,the same design…
And one day, i saw that new brand made by three young people. I find in this brand a story which talks to me, closed to my idea and which gives a new visionnary point to the clothing industry…

Picture Organic Clothing was born soon and purpose a new technology blend with an ecological way.

Picture Organic clothing clothes are all ethic, organic, and made with recycle fabrics. This brand use only non polluente inks, water based serigraphy, organic cotton… with the idea to protect earth and men.
The revolutionary bioceramic membrane makes a miror effect on the distant infra red produce by your body ; as a conséquence this effect improve your balance (you become nervously more reactive). The membrane increase warmness and reduce O2 consomption. Isn’t it awsome ?

Moreover, those clothes are smart !

If you want to give a mean to your purchases and to wear clean clothes for a cleany future, go fast to see Picture’s website : www.picture-organic-clothing.com

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