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Speed Comp in Valfréjus, France

18 January 2007

First Speed competition in Valfrejus!! On the 17th of january 2007, 3 tasks has been done. Giant, downhill...So _ Nice ambient, all pilots were involved in the game.. The bases of competition format are there now.
1. Mathias Roten, Swiss, GIN
2. François Bon, FR, GIN - Acro-Base
3. David Eyraud, FR, Ataka
4. Nicolas Assael, FR, Blues St Hil’
5. Fred Fugin, FR, Babylon
6. Lionel Dubois, CH, GIN - Verbier
7. Romain Raisson, FR, GIN - Les Arcs
8. Yohan Castagnoli, FR, Atatka
9. Frank Coupat, FR, Ataka...

Congratulations to all pilots, see you in next comps!!

Les Arcs