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Speedflying Pro 2010: Francois 2nd!

1 February 2010

The Speedflying Pro in Les Arcs (France) has just finished. The level of the riders has increased a lot this year, and the top 5 were very, very close. Francois Bon, GIN test pilot, won the first run, and finished 2nd overall.

The GIN team finished on top—5 Fluid (out of the 7 competing) were in the top 10:
- Francois Bon (FR) Fluid 9.5, 2nd
- Xavier Dufresne (FR) Fluid 9.5, 5th
- Dominik Vicky (CH) Fluid 8, 6th
- Arnaud Baumy (FR) Fluid 8, 8th
- Jerome Baud (FR) Fluid 8, 10th These results show the ability of this wing for both speed competition and also freeride runs.

Congratulations to Antoine Montant who won the event for the third time, but watch out Antoine, the others are not far behind you ;-)

Thanks to Dino and 7Links’ team for the wonderful organisation, and to the riders for the spirit. www.speedflyingpro.com

François Bon and Antoine Montant will now set off to produce a Speed Flying premiere on a mythical side of the Alpes. The destination, still being kept secret, will be revealed on this website.

Article, gallery photos and video of the event.

Les Arcs