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Speedride World Premiere at ’les Grandes Jorasses’

18 February 2010

Antoine Montant won the Speedflying Pro Les Arcs 2010, and so has been invited by Francois Bon for a Premiere in the Alps. The spot was kept secret till the last minute. As an extraordinary gift, the crew planned to offer this descent to the winner of the 2010 event, elected « the best speedrider of the year » after two big mountain tasks. Fully back to Freeride, Speedriding is getting its total dimension in High mountains, such as the ‘Aiguille Rouge’ in Les Arcs, and on the Italian side of the mhytic ‘Grandes Jorasses’, for a 3000m height run between séracs and snow fields. These two exceptional pilots just don’t stop to explore the planet with their mini gliders, with big skills to ride some dificult and impossible terrains.

« This face was calling me since a long time, so big and impressing, and it was cool to be with Antoine again, after the Eiger descent we did together in 2006… 8 long minutes to ‘discuss’ with this enormous face… We rided in the mind to enjoy at the maximum what Speedriding gives the best : Pleasure !... » explains Francois Bon.

« Winning in les Arcs for the third time is a happyness already… and then going for this première on this huge face, Small man in the immensity of snow and ice… that was sick !.. We rided without pressure, friendly and just for fun … » says Antoine Montant.

The video is right here conio !

And the photos aren’t so far buddie !

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